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This year, I know I have every reason not to be happy. We've been living in a small, cheap hotel since the house burned down with everything inside. However, I am happy. I'm happy because I have my husband, my daughter and my son here with me. I have our dog here. We're all safe and sound and that right there is the best birthday present I could ever receive. Knowing that my love ones are safe.

The rest...we'll work it out somehow. As long as we have each other, we can face anything.

Lost child

Nov. 30th, 2014 04:35 pm
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On the way to the store today, I found one of my students out alone. They said they got separated from their mother. I stayed with them and took them to the local koban so that the police could help them find her parents. They were really worried about her. I'm glad that everything turned out right.

I didn't get any of the shopping I wanted to do done. But I think I can go back another time. I need to get presents for Arashi and Daichi. And I also want to get something equally nice for Ryou this year for being such an amazing and patient husband while all the adoption stuff with Daichi went through.

Then I have to find a place to hide it all. I've never been good at hiding gifts. Maybe I can leave them with a friend until the proper time.
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It's always really nice to share a hobby I love with someone. Daichi is an eager learner and he's been helping me to cook dinners when it's my turn to cook. He's also been insisting he make his own school lunch. It makesd me proud that he loves to cook so much, but it also makes me a little sad because I love making lunches for Ryou and Arashi and him. I even slip little notes into them so they can find them each day.

I need to also start planning some fun fall field trips for my daycare kids. Maybe I'll ask them what they want to see and do.


Oct. 25th, 2014 10:49 pm
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Between Ryou and Arashi being sick, I've been busy trying to take care of them. I'm afraid I might have brought it home from the daycare. Sometimes, parents send a child even when they are ill. I've tried to make a place for them so they can rest and learn while not exposing the other children, but I still come into contact, so I worry that my husband and daughter got it from me somehow.

Maybe I need to do some lessons on proper health and handwashing practices, since the flu season is just starting. I think I can make it into a fun game somehow.
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Happy Birthday, Keigo. I know you'll be busy today, so I'll bring by your gift later on.
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Happy birthday. Another year older, wiser and more beautiful. I love you. Tonight, it's going to be all about you.
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I've been having a lot of fun. It's almost like a second Honeymoon. Only with the kids. Both the kids seem to be really enjoying themselves. It's great to see them smiling and laughing and so curious about all the things to see and do. It's fun to help them practice their English. Since I'm a native speaker, I have an easier time and I like to help them learn more words.

The Open has been really amazing as well. They players are just on another level. I'm astounded how far everyone has come.

I'll have lots of things to tell my students about when I get back.


Aug. 21st, 2014 05:32 pm
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Today, I took off from the daycare in order to update passports since we'll be going to the United States very soon. It needed done anyway, since we adopted our son. His new passport needs to reflect that.

However, it seems that everyone and their brother had the same idea as me today. I have never stood in so many lines. I think there was even a line to stand in to get to the actual line for the clerk. It's a good thing I learned patience. There were a few people who got very angry and yelled at the poor girl. I found this very uncalled for. So I let them know in my best teacher voice that they should be more patient. They got madder and just left. It made the line shorter.

I also gave the poor overworked clerk some cookies I had left over from my lunch. I think the poor girl almost cried. I never want to work doing something like that.
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First anniversaries are sort of hard to think about getting things for. I know I really don't have to, but I enjoy when I can give my husband little gifts that I think he'll like. I sort of blame growing up with Keigo for that. Not that that's a bad thing at all.

So I managed to get what I think is the perfect gift. First year anniversaries are called "Paper" and so I gave Ryou a gift of paper. I managed to get us four tickets to the US Open. He and the kids and I will fly to New York. We get to stay in a nice hotel and we get courtside seats for the tournament. This will be the first time our son has seen professional tennis in person.

Which I can happily announce that the last of the paperwork has been processed and Dmitri is officially and legally ours. And after talking a lot with him, he and the rest of the family have decided that he gets two names. His Russian one and a Japanese one. He picked Daichi. I think it's a very good name.
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[img src="http://cutestfood.com/uploads/2010/02/117877xcitefun-cute-cookies-111.jpg"]

Arashi and Dmitri helped me do them. Dmitri seems to have a real talent in the kitchen. He's pretty much with me all the time in there wanting to help me. I think we have a budding chef in the house, Ryou.

Also, in a few weeks, it will me Ryou and my first anniversary as a married couple. I need to start thinking of something to give to him. In England, first anniversaries are Cotton. I think I have some good ideas.
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With the tropical storm well on it's way, I feel it's safer for the young children I watch to be safe at home with their families than with me. I will resume normal classes Monday.
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I made this for my sister. She likes ducks. I hope to visit with her sometime this month. I doubt she's gotten very big, but she will. Kabaji babies are very large if you believe my mother.
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I'm going to be an uncle. She called me this afternoon with the big news. In nine months, she and her husband will be having a baby. I know she's been trying really hard to get pregnant so I'm glad for her. It means I have to start knitting gender neutral baby booties.
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I'm one of those pet people. It's Ryo, our corgi. He found himself a friend. Between trying to decide which kid to sleep with at night, he found he naps with that best.
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My new students seem to be doing well. I am really liking the renovations that Keigo did to my daycare and they are too. On nice days, we can play on the little play equipment in the backyard or we can walk to the park and feed the ducks. I think next year, I want to do a little learning lab about ducks. Since they lay their eggs there and we can watch as they grow.

We also played with clay today. I love doing crafts with the children. Each one brought home a little masterpiece.

I made this as a little hint as to the Friday Movie we're watching

I'm a mess though, so I'll have to clean up before I get home. I don't want to drag clay into the house.
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I have decided that I want to have a family night this coming Sunday. Mostly because of the date. I am married to one of the biggest Star Wars fans ever. And out little girl is just as crazy about it. However, I found out that D'mitri has never seen any of the movies. So I'm going to rent all of them and have a little movie marathon with my family. It should be fun and we can stay up as long as we wish because it's Golden Week, which means a small vacation.
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After a lot of thinking, I decided that I was going to reopen my daycare. I won't let those men beat me. They might have hurt me and they might now be in the deepest darkest prison the Japanese law could find them, but I won't let them keep me from doing what I love.

I was a little worried though. After what happened, I was sure that my fellow daycare worker wouldn't want to come back. I also worried that parents of small children wouldn't want them to come to such a place. It's not safe anymore. It was attacked. But instead, it's the direct opposite. I thought I had a lot of applications before. Now it's tripled in number. There are little letters from parents praising me for putting my life on the line for the children and how they feel that their sons and daughters would never be safer than with me. It's sort of humbling to real all of that. But it means I have to make hard decisions again as there is no way I can manage all those kids, even with my wonderful assistant.
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I went to the doctor today. I've been cleared completely. Everything has healed up nicely. I've never been so glad to get casts off. They itched. And now I'm allowed to pick up Ryou and carry him around all I want. Arashi and D'mitri too.

Maybe this weekend, we'll go cherry blossom viewing.
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On this day, one year ago, Ryou made me the happiest man on the face of the planet. One year ago today, Ryou agreed to marry me. One year ago today, he said yes.

Thank you for saying yes to me, Ryou. You have made me so happy.
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I have an appointment with the doctor on Monday. I'm going to try and see if he'll clear me so I can at least help out around the house. I know he says my ribs aren't going to heal for a while and that I need one more small surgery on my knee. But I'm doing a lot better and the therapist says he's really surprised and proud of my progress.

I also have an appointment with the lawyer that helped with my adoption of Arashi. I know that it's going to be harder to get D'mitri. I don't know if he'd even want to be adopted by us. He's been through a lot but I want to do what I can to give him a good home full of people who love him. I wonder if they'll let me talk to him and see how he feels about it. He might only be in preschool, but he has thoughts and opinions that need to be considered.
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